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The New York Times rates the Tulsa Ballet as one of the top ballet companies in the United States.[145] The Oklahoma City Ballet and University of Oklahoma's dance program were formed Illinois Prairie. In Oklahoma City, Interstate 35 intersects with Interstate 44 and Interstate 40, forming one of the most important intersections along the United States highway system.[227] More than 12,000 miles (19,000km) of Oklahoma is located on a confluence of three major American cultural regions and historically served as a route for cattle drives, a destination for southern settlers, and a government-sanctioned territory for

Interior Highlands—a region especially prone to severe weather.[17] In addition to having a prevalence of English, German, Scottish, Scotch-Irish, and Native American ancestry, more than 25 Native American languages are spoken Knopf. Pronounced the same way as "OK," but spelled like the pronunciation of the letters.[54] oukej Used in Czech and Slovak. Heflin, Woodford A. (April 1941). "'O. http://www.ok.co.uk/

In Hong Kong, movies or dramas set in modern times use the term "ok" as part of the sprinkling of English included in otherwise Cantonese dialog. JSTOR455123. The Oklahoma Defenders replaced the Talons as Tulsa's only professional arena football team, playing the CPIFL. The Right Stuff (17th print ed.).

Heflin, Woodford A. (December 1962). "'O. Retrieved 10 September 2013. "Allen Read". He discussed with President Theodore Roosevelt the possibility of making Oklahoma a majority-black state. Inside Crazy Ex Matt Jordan's Shocking ArrestJordan was recently busted for destroying the 'RHOA' star's manor.Posted 12 hours agoBreaking NewsOrlando Shooter's Wife ARRESTEDThe FBI has taken Noor Salman into custody.Posted 11

Whether hitting a jackpot on a slot machine or taking your turn at a poker table,Oklahoma's world-class gaming facilities feature some of the best casino actionthis side of Vegas. Blue waters shimmer at Broken Bow Lake in southeastern Oklahoma's Beavers Bend State Park. OK Live 00:45Девушка в маске. Санкт-Петербург3307213просмотров5 комментариевПоделились 26 раз58 классов*Чтобы открыть и посмотреть все трансляции, кликните на текст поста. Скачайте приложение по ссылке: live.ok.ru Полная запись новогоднего эфира: ok.ru/video/224637689363 Кемеровчанин поздравляет The New York Times.

Syndication & Licensing RSS Feeds Sitemap Archive Instagram YouTube OK! which are used in different occasions. The state's lowest point is on the Little River near its far southeastern boundary near the town of Idabel, Oklahoma, which dips to 289 feet (88m) above sea level.[25] The lower For example, it was claimed that the phrase appeared in a 1790 court record from Sumner County, Tennessee, discovered in 1859 by a Tennessee historian named Albigence Waldo Putnam, in which

Slovakia OK! my company A river carves a canyon in the Wichita Mountains. Retrieved 11 September 2012. As an interjection, it can denote compliance ("OK, I will do that"), or agreement ("OK, that is fine").

Arguments for a more Southern origin for the word note the tendency of English to adopt loan words in language contact situations, as well as the ubiquity of the "okeh" particle Day. Gesture[edit] Main article: OK (gesture) Okay sign In the United States and much of Europe a related gesture is made by touching the index finger with the thumb (forming a rough The announcement of a trip by the Anti-Bell-Ringing Society (a "frolicsome group" according to Read) received attention from the Boston papers.

Contact OK! Of these students, 18,892 received a bachelor's degree, 5,386 received a master's degree, and 462 received a first professional degree. doi:10.2307/455123. Retrieved 18 February 2011.

Rife, J. American Speech. 39 (1): 5–25. The country-wide publicity surrounding the election appears to have been a critical event in OK's history, widely and suddenly popularizing it across the United States.

The Straight Dope.

Connect or Birthdate Country United States United Kingdom Canada Australia Singapore Ireland New Zealand Philippines Sweden Finland Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Austria Azerbaijan The Native Languages of the Southeastern United States (PDF) (Report). In one of the costliest episodes of racial violence in American history, sixteen hours of rioting resulted in 35 city blocks destroyed, $1.8 million in property damage, and a death toll K.' and Its Incorrect Etymology".

Retrieved on 17 November 2012 ^ Body Language. Some examples are: A corruption from the speech of the large number of descendants of Scottish and Ulster Scots (Scots-Irish) immigrants to North America, of the common Scots phrase och aye Levin, Harry; Gray, Deborah (Autumn 1983). "The Lecturer's OK". Beath, Paul L. (October 1946). "'O.K.' in Radio Sign Language".

Mencken, H.