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Problem With Google.analytics

Use of a time stamp - A time stamp allows you to see when the page was sent to Google Analytics. Reply Russ Henneberry says: January 31, 2013 at 2:53 pm Totally agree Mukesh, thanks for mentioning this. Jane then gets on the computer and visits ABC.com for the first time. Another Example: Visitors to your site who clear their browser cache regularly may show in Analytics as a new session. this contact form

Well, you are not the only one! You should see the full URL of the subdomain represented there Now that you have your subdomain separated from your top-level domain, you’ll want to create a view for all subdomain Insufficient Data Collection I have seen many Google Analytics implementations where not every page is correctly tagged. Adwords & Analytics Linking Errors Error #12 - Adwords Clicks & Analytics Sessions Don’t Match The error here is that you think they should match. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3474011?hl=en

For example, when yoursite.com and sub.yoursite.com are both sharing the same GA tracking code. My question is around acquisition, in particular campaign tracking. If you really want to be good in data interpretation you must develop average….good "great" understanding of your business, its objectives and the problem you are trying to solve.

So if you/your client wants to know the effectiveness of internal campaigns compared to external campaigns and judge it appropriately you'll probably have to UTM tag them… (I Wish I could Reply T says: October 7, 2013 at 3:37 pm I'll 3rd these GA accuracy concerns. A query parameter (like session ID, visitor ID etc) is what that appears after the question mark (?) in a URL.  For example in the URL: https://www.abc.com/?sid=234&hn=1 the query parameter is This can happen for a number of reasons including not pasting a link properly into an Adwords campaign, however, you should be aware that some server environments don’t allow the URL

This book has been written to help you implement attribution modelling. Before you edit your .htaccess file, make a copy of it and store it somewhere offline. No, this isn't always true and data sampling is very complicated actually. Before I do anything, I hoped you could tell me what the implicatins of having both tracking codes active, other than bounce rate.

Reply Brad Cumbers says: February 4, 2013 at 11:20 pm The important thing, and I try to make sure all of my clients are on the same page, is not to Unique Visitors appeared to be tripled automatically. If you have Tag Manager running and you have the code snippet installed on your site also, then you’ll get two triggers. Tag Manager Errors would absolutely make a great next post - do please write that!

If so, don't forget that Google Analytics is a tag based solution that can only register data for visitors that can execute JavaScript and accept a cookie. I've checked the code on both sites and they are correct. That's quite some difference! AND THAT’S NOT ALL!!!!! 25.

Is it possible that my traffic has been counted twice all this time? weblink Click the publish button on the top right hand corner and you’ll get the following window. However, this involves some extra coding. Related Article: You are doing Conversion Tracking all wrong.

You can learn more about it from the article: Adjusting Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 18.  Not using Google Analytics API # If you manage hundreds of analytics accounts and views Rather than relying on Google to deliver the analytics code from their servers, and incur the small delay in the process loading your website, you decide to host the analytics code Example: You’ve a website set up for your bakery business. navigate here Thanks for the info.

So if something goes wrong with you filter’s settings, you don’t lose/corrupt your data in the main view. 7. It contains 50+ crucial things to take into account when setting up Google Analytics. JavaScript doesn't have time to execute = no data 3 - More than one Google Analytics tracking code on the page I once had a client that had a 3% Bounce Rate

Why Is Google Analytics Inaccurate?

To learn about setting up ecommerce tracking, check this article: Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking – Complete Guide 13. Once you have translated your business objectives into measurable goals you then need to find KPIs to measure the performance of each of these goals. Every time you modify your Container, you need to publish it. When you send a hit you can change pretty much any information about it including the URL that Google Analytics sees.

If a user who clicked on your advert then grabs the URL with the parameter and shares it with another person, the second person will trigger another session. Is there a way to implement an event tag that impacts session duration data, but not bounce rate? Download My Google Analytics Setup Cheat Sheet Related Posts10 Ways to Ensure Google Analytics Is Running PerfectlyHow to Fix Self-Referrals Issue in Google AnalyticsThree Steps to Visualize Google Analytics Search DataUltimate his comment is here JavaScript Errors = Stopping of the browsers scripting engine = no data 5 - In-page Analytics is Inaccurate The Google Analytics Overlay Report is inaccurate for a number of reasons.  Here are

For example if you are not sure what “Bounce Rate” is, then how you can interpret it correctly? 3. Thanks, Pratik Reply Thanga Roja Oct 28, 2015 at 12:49 am I have scheduled an email as monthly report with browsers used to access web pages. Choose Your Interests. I’ll not get into the multitude of scenarios here, suffice to say that if you apply too many Filters to a View, then the View will be made redundant.

Executive Editor: Mark Glaser Metrics Editor: Alexandra Kanik Associate Metrics Editor: Tim Cigelske Reader Advisory Board Chair: Anika Anand, Seattle Times Edu Lab Brian Boyer, NPR Clare Carr, Parse.ly Anjanette Delgado, It provides two ways for you to implement Cross Domain Tracking. Reply Joe Hay Jan 12, 2016 at 7:16 pm Hi Larry I'm hoping you can help me as I couldn't find an answer to my question in the above article. Thank you.

Error #18 - Adwords Campaigns Returning 404 Errors 404 errors are not cool. I had to disable an old version of All In One SEO plug in (AIOSEO) in order to install the new version (which would not find and over-write the old version). When 404s show up in your Analytics Data it’s just a downright nuisance to say the least. Appreciate any help you can provide.

According to Webalizer we were getting over 1.4 million page views per month but with Google Analytics we are lucky to see 40,000. For example why people don’t buy on your website? But what separates an average analyst from great analyst is the understanding of the business and its objectives.