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But that did not happen. M³ BIoT CLL Events Whitepapers The Next Platform Data Centre Software Security Transformation DevOps Business Personal Tech Science Emergent Tech Bootnotes Alerts Newsletters Columnists Video 911 app is a joke, says As we've reported, agencies including the Metropolitan Police, the NHS and HMRC are still to finish XP migration projects. ® Sponsored: Want to know more about Privileged Access Management? Gone.I touched my last XP install two years ago when I migrated a school using it from XP to 8 (and all their servers a similar jump).The prime argument? http://renoscanner.com/windows-xp/windows-xp-hangs-on-startup-after-the-windows-logo-shows.html

Dead Apple iOS monopoly lawsuit is reanimated Hadoop hurler Hortonworks votes Tibco veteran for president 911 app is a joke, says security researcher Randy Westergren Dovecot mailserver graded 'nearly impenetrable' French M³ BIoT CLL Events Whitepapers The Next Platform Data Centre Software Security Transformation DevOps Business Personal Tech Science Emergent Tech Bootnotes Alerts Newsletters Columnists Video 911 app is a joke, says Actually, no, that's a lie, we've known for years and could have done something about it but we didn't want to spend that budget on IT.   0 2 years ago If you go into a store you're going to find that only a small subset of the available printers and scanners (and PSCs) even have XP drivers any more.

Nhs Windows Xp

But they waited until the last minute. 0 2 years ago Reply Sean Fanelli think here people think! 0 2 years ago Reply Darren Walsh Most people have laptops at home Most likely someone with a clue finally realised that as long as you have a working firewall and anti-virus that will block outside executables, your XP machine is quite safe from The Crown Commercial Service bought a year’s extension of support, which includes security updates crucial for keeping hackers at bay, for £5.5m last year to give government departments 12 months to Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation Telegraph.co.uk Sunday 15 January 2017 Home Video News World Sport Business Money Comment Culture Travel Life Women Fashion Luxury Tech Film Apple iPhone

In fact I have never had any training on windows since 3.1. Seems like a real market here. Do they still use Symbian, Windows Mobile, and pre-Blackberry OS5 there, too? I work in a company with approximately 2000 staff.

Re: (Score:3) by alex67500 ( 1609333 ) writes: It's Whitehall. Probably the same here in Ireland though!! The 20 bestselling mobile phones The mobile industry may be locked in a bitter battle between Samsung and Apple, but history tells a very different story... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/may/26/uk-government-pcs-open-to-hackers-as-paid-windows-xp-support-ends If you have 10,000-30,000 of PC's then the costs are spectacular, both in hardware, software, and now with W8 an added training overhead.

The data on the NHS' use of Windows XP comes courtesy of a Freedom of Information request from Citrix, which approached 63 NHS trusts and received responses from 42. They have to or the net would break. Or are they actually fixing Windows XP bugs for them?They were probably getting the same thing that my company is paying and getting which is security fixes. If you answered no to either question, then they *aren't* honoring the deal.

Windows Xp Support End Date Extended

Windows update is not working, they'd have to be installed individually or via the domain management. The only thing keeping that POS software from chomping on your important data is a constant fee paid to Microsoft to tame it.What you need is to cloudify the lot, you Nhs Windows Xp Where this is not possible, they may need to review their own short-term transition support." BackgroundThe extended support contract was negotiated last year between Microsoft and the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), In fact, he simply repeated Microsoft's line.My point is that Microsoft have not been open about what is actually happening.

Calling an operating system that persists on a significant percentage of computers to this day 'ancient' is ridiculous, I don't think it even qualifies for the term 'legacy' yet. navigate here Under its provisions Microsoft would provide one year’s additional support after the general support deadline for XP expired. A government minister should resign for this. 0 2 years ago Reply CraUmm *should have been Tax Pounds :P 0 2 years ago Reply Chris Sandiford I'm sure if we delve Our in house software started using 4.5 features and will no longer run on XP.

Contrast that with DOS, Windows 3.1, NT and 95. Posted via the WPC App On My Lumia 521 or My Moto G 0 2 years ago Reply InlineV There is a good chance that they aren't ready to upgrade. You are also trying to imply that old = ancient, suggesting that you have a penchant for hyperbole. http://renoscanner.com/windows-xp/windows-xp-home-edition-upgrade-to-windows-7.html The CCS has stipulated that any public sector body wishing to take advantage of the extended support must have a plan in place to move off Windows XP, Office 2003 and

Taxpayer money going to MS does not benefit you, unless you are MS. I hope Microsoft and its hardware partners start making more sales with support of XP going. 0 2 years ago Reply cybermoose89 That's a big dollop of mulla for old software We still use many ancient inventions.

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Windows XP reached end-of-life status in April 2014, but the government made a payment of £5.5m to Microsoft to provide bespoke support for the large number of government systems and machines Ancient. There are plenty alternatives but you need someone to make decision. 0 2 years ago Reply TJWINS Totally agree 0 2 years ago Reply Sabre Wulf Yes. 0 2 years ago Don't get me wrong, I am a home XP user, so got used to that. 7 was a welcome change at work, but hardly necessitated training.

Your problems in the US are your problems.And Windows XP is not "secure". That decision doesn't mean all UK government agencies have moved on from XP. blog comments powered by Disqus Back to Top Most read Google is shutting down Hangouts API as it lures consumers towards Allo and Duo 5 reasons why the Xbox One S http://renoscanner.com/windows-xp/windows-xp-windows-update-page-cannot-be-displayed.html it government winxp ← You may like to read: → Ancient Megadrought Entombed Dodos In Poisonous Fecal Cocktail Donald Trump Wins US Presidency VC, Entrepreneur Says Basic Income Would Work Even

Let it die with VHS and 8trac. 0 2 years ago Reply RyanAMG What's this VHS you speak of? 0 2 years ago Reply Naren Parker Video Home System. The current support agreement ended in April 2015." The government said that most departments have made the move, or are doing so, although it acknowledged that some may still have to To me it sound as a very expensive extra insurrance for when the house burns down and people above you start to look for someone to blame. Microsoft issued a statement to V3 in April, seemingly confirming that the deal had come to an end, although it did use the future tense. “On 14 April 2015 the UK

No. Humanity is unnecessary. Poor us we are the victims yada yada.No sympathy and someone or somebodies need to be fired. How is microsoft responsible for it?

I do not see a reason why anyone should be running XP anymore. No software is perfect, but the world - and Microsoft's practices - have moved on, and realistically it would take a *lot* of money for MS to spend a meaningful fraction Are you twelve? Are UKIP right about vast waste in middle management?

For me, it turned legacy as soon as .Net 4.5 wasn't supported.